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Costume Words and Phrases



  • Politics - Emblems, Status, Ambition, Shifting loyalties

  • Businees - Corporate "uniform," Structured hierarchy

  • Sports - Trophies, Winning, Teams

  • War - Brutal, Bloody, Chaotic, Final




  • Expresionistic, mixed styles

  • Simple, scaled down, streamlined

  • Primitive, druid, pagan influence



  • Women playing men, women's body forms masculinized

  • Variety of body types and ages

  • Allow for physical movement/stage combat

  • Highly intimate performance space (55-seat Black Box Theatre)



  • Women as Men - boxy/square, enlarged shoulders, no belts

  • Women as Women - curved, with waists, feminie form but plain and streamlined

  • Witches - "other-worldly, nomadic, tribal, earthy, maybe wearing objects from the worlds they've encountered

  • Status Emblems- Sashes and pins, military cuff and collar stripes, human teeth are war trophies worn as jewelry

  • Style Tribes - Visual simitry of allies/families

  • Fabrics - solid patterns, fur, chain, brocade sashes,

  • No Headpieces - heads shaved, hair cut short, or starkly matted




Prometheus Theatre's interpretation of Macbeth includes an all female cast, allowing for an expansion of the play's themes. 





Key Words and Phrases

  • Masculinity and violence

  • Power, status, ambition, winning

  • Agression, conflict, brutality

  • Blood-lines, patriarchy, legacies





M. Beth

Costume Notes:

  • Human teeth as war trophies on the tunic collar

  • Men's dress shirt with collar tunerd backward

  • Military rank stripes on cuffs and collar

  • Textured leggings

  • Boots

Lady Macbeth Costume Plot:

The silhouette advances with the elevation of her status.  The fabric print need not be tartan but sowmthing consistent with Macbeth's overall design. 

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