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Into the Wild Frontier traces the settling of the West over nearly a decade of exploration (1770-1850.)  The eight-part miniseries focuses each episode on a different frontiersman from American history.


Dramatized segments were shot almost entirely in exteriors. The land would be the constant, and the costumes (frontier fashions) along with the progression of weapons and technology, would provide the evolution of time.


Although the range of frontier-wear was rather narrow, we costumed each frontiersman as unique to his character and circumstances. On the frontier, once “city duds” wore out, clothing was acquire through trade,  or made from animal hides. Nothing was wasted.


The costume color palette matched the landscape.  This gave a beautiful sense that the men were “of the land,” which indeed they were.  It was also historically accurate, as the frontiersmen often concealed themselves in the terrain.  Costume materials included hides, fur, linen, cotton, wool, silk, “ivories,” and feathers.

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