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Historic Costume Collection

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University of North Carolina School of the ArtsCostume Department
Historic Costume Collection

Established - Fall, 2020

Curator - Diana Haberstick
Costume Collection Manager - Lizzie Lovett
Historic Collection Curator - Diana Haberstick
Preservationist - Jennifer Smith
Research Assistant, IT - Will Warton
Research Assistant - Erin Justice

Sample Catalogue Entry

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Item # HC 1052
Organza Lingerie Frock
ca. 1915

Organza frock, also known as a day dress, ankle length full skirt; bodice with wide shawl collar creating shoulder bretelles, pleated shirtwaist insert; elbow length sleeves; natural waist with wide sash; trimmed in organza ruffles with two large swirl motifs on skirt. Condition - excellent.

University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Historic Costume Collection

Fashion History

Frocks like this were worn as day dresses from the 1890’s to 1920. The era embraced a new freedom in women’s attitudes and roles and clothing followed suit.  Lingerie frocks were very popular and were named for their fabrics, which had previously only been used for undergarments.  These dresses were worn for tea and to garden parties where lawn sports were often played requiring light fabrics and full skirts.  Styles seem to have progressed from rather fussy, lace gowns to shorter, more simple forms with the waistline dropping in preparation for the tubular silhouette of the1920’s.

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Complied by Will Warton

Tea Gowns, ca 1910-1916, Augusta Auctions

Day Dresses ca 1914-1918, Augusta Auctions

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