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The Coronation of Medea

Costume sculpture

Theatre Arts  Gallery

Highpoint, North Carolina

Medea Close up!.jpg

The Coronation of Medea 

The sculpture is meant to be simultaneously attractive, repulsive, and reflective. Contrasts of fluid and stagnant, sharp and rounded, open and closed elements explore the tension in the feminine condition.


The sculpture invites interaction. From a distance, the siren’s beauty beckons. A close look reveals body lesions made of broken mirrors, medicinal capsules, and fingernails assembled in an ooze of roe. Medea’s hip mirror forces the viewer into supplication where one’s face is reflected. From this position, the painful darts of Jason’s defamatory words (monologue lines from Euripides’s script) are legible. In a swirl of action, shreds from the artist’s own post-marital litigation ascend the form, denoting freedom. 

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