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OXROCK Productions

Writer/Director Arnon Shorr

Released - Spring, 2017

Available on Amazon

Best Costume Nominee - ActionOn Film Festival (Las Vegas)

Film Selection - Corto Corrente Festival (Italy), Near Nazareth Film Festival (Israel), San Rafael Film Festival (Spain), AFC Global Film Festival (India), DAE Studio Film Festival (United Kingdom), Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival (Canada), Tetova International Film Festival ODA (Macedonia), Caribbean International Film Festival (Bahamas), Nida Short Film Festival (Lithuania)

Production Design

When the Inquisition expels Jews from Spain, Captain Toledano plots a brutal revenge; but a mysterious stowaway threatens to expose the captain's true motives to the crew - a film about identity rites and the price of secrecy.

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Couch 1.JPG
Toledano Initial notes_edited.jpg
Pirate Set Dressing.jpg
Exotic Dancer's Dressing Room
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